How to Have a Multi Day Elopement

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What is a Multi Day Elopement?

A Multi Day Elopement (aka Double Day Elopement or Weekend Elopement) allows you to have two or more days of adventure rather than a single day. Multi Day Elopements are perfect for really exploring a new location, going on a fun adventure after your intimate ceremony so you can relax and get your attire dirty, or for spending time just the two of you when you bring guests along. Multi Day Elopements give you more options, open up more time to make memories together, and allow more of your love story to be told.

Get inspired for when to choose a Multi Day Elopement and get some ideas for your adventurous wedding!

Why Have a Multi Day Elopement?

More Time For What You Want to Do

If you are opting to visit a new location, to really explore the area and have it all captured, or want to focus on your ceremony one day and a big adventure the next day then a Multi Day Elopement is right for you. Having more time to capture your love really takes the pressure off packing everything you envision into one day. You may want to go on a really long hike, climb a fun route, or explore via helicopter without having to worry about your hair and makeup or your dress getting dirty. Having your ceremony the first day and then opting for adventure the next may make sense! Or maybe you want to elope in Seward, but you also really want to go ice climbing on the Matanuska Glacier which is about 4 hours away from the beaches where you’ll say ‘I do” and then go explore via kayak. Ice climbing and kayaking are both super important to you both, but you feel an ocean backdrop for your wedding is also more suitable. Instead of cramming your day with a long drive or worse – compromising on your vision- go to the glacier the next day and really take it all in! The possibilities with more time are endless – but I’m here to help you choose what is best for you!

Explore Multiple Locations

Multi Day Elopements can also open up the locations you can visit to celebrate your wedding. You and your partner LOVE checking National Parks off your bucket list. You have two left in Utah, Bryce and Zion, and you really want to incorporate them both in your wedding celebration. Did I hear road trip?!? Get married in one park and then hike in the next! You’ll get the best of both worlds and get to check these beautiful parks off your bucket list.

Have More Time for You and Your Guests

When you bring guests along you wanna spend as much time with them as possible, but you also deserve time for just you two. Oftentimes, when you invite guests you get married on a Friday or the weekend. Your guests fly in, you have dinner the night before your elopement, and then they leave. They can’t always stay for super long and you want to spend time with them – you invited these folks for a reason! Instead of balancing spending quality time with your friends and family, having time for you two, and going out for sunset portraits you can just spread it all out over two days. That means less stress for you and more time with everyone that you love!

Ideas for Your Multi Day Elopement

Here are some other ideas for a Multi Day Elopement. Use these to get inspired for creating your own adventure!

  • Rent a van and road trip. Elope in one spot and then have an adventure session in another location!
  • Rent a lodge with your closest friends. Have your ceremony one day and celebrate with them all, then go on an adventurous experience, like a helicopter flight, the next.
  • Go on a backpacking trip and get to know a location intimately.
  • Fly out a luxury lodge and have a more private experience in the wilderness.
  • Boat out to some off grid yurts and explore via boat and kayak.

I have adventure-inclusive packages with multi day adventures. Check them out here!

Multi Day Timeline Example

Day 1:

Get ready together at cute cabin!

Fly out in a helicopter and explore glaciers, lakes, and mountains.

Take in the scenery, have a picnic, and enjoy your adventure.

Say your vows on a glacier with the pilot as your officiant.

Do a polar plunge on the glacier!

Warm up, fly back, and go get dinner together.

Day 2:

Go hiking in Hatcher Pass.

Explore the mine and learn it’s history.

Hike around an alpine lake in the snow!

Ready to Plan Your Elopement?

I can’t wait to help you plan your adventurous wedding trip. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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