Grewingk Glacier Backpacking Adventure

Backpacking + kayaking in a glacier lake

Backpacking to the Glacier

Our adventure to the Grewingk Glacier combined a water taxi ride, backpacking, and kayaking for a memorable adventure! After a scenic water taxi, shoutout to Alan’s Water Taxi, we headed for the glacier via the Glacier Spit Trail. After exploring forests and the old moraine, we turned a corner and had our first glimpse of the glacier and lake. The stoke was high! We explored the shore, held some ice, and made lunch with the best of views.

We set up camp and were surprised to find we had the whole lake to ourselves. Adventuring in May has it’s perks even with the chance for rain. We got super lucky with the weather and had the most beautiful sunset the first night!

Glacial Lake Kayaking

The next morning we set out to kayak the lake and see the glacier + icebergs. The double kayak was fun to navigate as we worked as a team to explore the lake. First stop the glacier, we floated as closes as we could for comfort and stared out at the sprawling ice. It always amazing me how these slow moving, frozen rivers have carved out the landscapes we set foot in.

After taking in the views, we paddled towards the front of the lake to explore among the icebergs. Taking care to not get too close (icebergs can roll unexpectedly and take you out) we marveled at the blue ice, the unique sculptures, and the way they traveled across the lake. Seeing shapes in the ice was so fun. So many formations reminded me of the desert rock in Moab.

Our hike out climbed up to a mountain pass and down to the beach. Not a bad spot to wait to be picked up by our water taxi!

This is up there as one of my most memorable adventures in Alaska so far. I highly recommend camping out on the beach if you can! Lake kayaking is also a dream. Be sure to go with a guide if you are unfamiliar with kayaking and keeping away from icebergs.

How You Can Elope Here!

This glacier lake can make an incredible elopement location! I have a few ideas on how you can incorporate this place into your day. Whether you want to backpack, kayak, or day hike, your day is going to be memorable!

Backpack to the lake to further explore or kayak: Step on the water taxi and get a full value adventure in Alaska! I’ll hook you up with all the camping equipment you need (if you don’t want to bring your own), coordinate the water taxi ride, pack the snacks, and get your kayak rental. All you have to do is pack your bags and write your vows! Embrace the weather and this adventure to make memories together:)

This package starts at $7500

Not a fan of backpacking? No problem! This adventure can be done as a day hike. Stay at a cute seaside cabin in Homer and hop on a water taxi in the morning. Hike to the lake to say your vows, opt to kayak, then hike out to be picked up. Don’t forge the fresh seafood dinner!

This package starts at $5250

Wanna have a backpacking or kayaking elopement?

I can’t wait to help you plan your adventurous wedding day to the Grewingk Glacier. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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