Eloping In Utah From Out of State?

 Here’s What You Need to Know

Utah is Epic

Utah is full of incredible places to explore. From the unique salt flats, to several mountain ranges, and the sprawling red desert landscape you can’t go wrong with visiting this state. Utah is home to the Mighty 5 National Parks so you can come and check those off your bucket list. Utah also has some of the most epic places to stay in beautiful landscapes like Amangiri, Under Canvas, and Alta.

It’s easy to see why so many choose to elope among the red sandstone of Moab, among the canyons of Zion, or among the glacially carved peaks of the Wasatch.

From adventures to logistics, I’ve got you covered in everything you need to have a stress free and fun elopement in Utah.

Where to Elope in Utah

Utah has nearly every landscape you can dream of. Whether you want to elope in the mountains or the desert, Utah has got some options! Below are a handful of location ideas for your adventure!

  • Wasatch Mountains
  • Moab
  • Zion National Park
  • Kanab
  • Goblin Valley State Park
  • Escalante
  • Lake Powell
  • Capitol Reef National Park

How to Get to Utah

How you choose to get to Utah comes down to driving or flying? Find a quick flight or make a road trip out of your journey to the beehive state!

For Northern Utah Elopements

  • Fly into Salt Lake City Airport + rent a car
  • Plan a roadtrip in your car
  • Rent an RV or camper van

For Southeastern Utah (Moab/Goblin Valley) Elopements

  • Take a daily connecting flight to Moab Regional Airport + rent a car
  • Fly into Grand Junction Airport + rent a car drive 2 hours
  • Fly into Salt Lake City Airport + rent a car and drive ~4 hours
  • Plan a roadtrip in your car
  • Rent an RV or camper van

For Southwestern Utah (Zion, St. George) Elopements

  • Take a connecting flight to St. George Regional Airport + rent a car
  • Fly into Las Vegas Airport + rent a car and drive ~3 hours
  • Fly into Salt Lake City Airport + rent a car and drive ~4.5 hours
  • Fly in Flagstaff Airport + rent a car and drive ~4 hours
  • Plan a roadtrip in your car
  • Rent an RV or camper van

How to Get Your Utah Marriage License

Getting your Utah marriage license is a fairly easy process. The licenses are good for 30 days and you can get your license the same day as your elopement! 

To Get Your License:

  • Both you and your partner must be present, have legal ID, and know your socials at the time of application
  • You need to know your full names, your dates and places of birth, your addresses, parents names, and parents places of birth for the application
  • You must pay fees that range from $30-50 that may be cash only
  • Your elopement needs an officiant to be legal
  • Two witnesses must sign your license

Travel Tips for Utah

Road tripping can be a really awesome way to come see Utah. Whether you rent car or bring your own, make the most of your experience and see what the state has to offer! You can go for a long trip and check off all 5 of the National Parks, or explore a few places in one main area.

Regardless of your adventure, be sure to give yourself a day buffer between arriving in Utah and having your elopement. That way you can get your marriage license, get acclimated, and enjoy your stay more. I also recommend giving each destination you visit a few days so you can really get to know the area. Take your time and enjoy it!

Utah has plenty of rad places to stay. From off grid glamping tents to mountain treehouses, you can be sure to find the type of lodging that is right for you. Book your stay as close to your elopement site as you can in case you want to catch the sunrise!

Ideas for Your Adventure

There are so many incredible adventures that you can have in Utah. From beautiful lakes, to snowy slopes, to the sprawling desert, the adventures are endless. If you have a favorite adventure you both love to do together we can make it happen. Here are a few types of adventure that you can look forward to!

  • Canyoneering in Moab
  • Hiking in the desert or mountains
  • Jeeping to an epic overlook
  • Mountain biking on slickrock
  • River rafting down the Colorado
  • Climbing sandstone towers
  • Backpacking through the mountains
  • Skiing + snowboarding at a resort
  • Helicopter touring in Zion
Ready to Elope in Utah?

I can’t wait to help you plan your adventurous wedding day. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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