Your Guide to Eloping in Haines, Alaska

Elope in Alaska

Why Elope in Haines

Haines is an adorable coastal town in Alaska. Unlike most coastal towns, Haines has a smaller port and less cruise ship traffic. This makes the town more local, less touristy, more wild, and more private. While Haines takes some effort to get to, it’s totally worth working out the logistics. The people in Haines are so kind. The beer and food is superb. There are so many adventures to be had, wildlife to see, and landscapes to visit. Haines is a great destination if you are looking for a chill adventure, local vibes, and both mountains and the ocean landscapes to explore. Haines may steal your heart away like it has mine!

The Best Time to Visit Haines

When to visit Haines depends on the adventure you want to have. Haines is both an epic summer destination, and backcountry ski spot. Alaska in general is best visited mid May through early September. If you want less crowds and don’t mind the rain come in May, August, or September. If you want to catch some salmon and have longer days come in June and July. Haines is a temperate area so temps are generally mild and nice throughout the entire summer. During the second week of November Haines hosts the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival where over 2,000 eagles migrate to feast on salmon.

How to Get to Haines

While getting to Haines takes some logistical planning, you can be get there by car or boat. You could opt to fly to Juneau and then fly or sail to Haines, sail to Haines on a cruise, or drive to Haines which will take you through some beautiful spots in Canada!

Turn your wedding day + honeymoon into an epic road trip up to Alaska and elope along the way. You could also fly into Anchorage and go on a big Alaska road trip with Haines as a stop!

You can fly into Juneau and then take a flight with Alaska Seaplanes to reach Haines. Pretty epic entrance huh? In the summer you could take the Alaska Marine Highway from Juneau to Haines. This is also a great way to visit other port towns in Southeastern Alaska.

One of the easiest ways to reach Haines is via cruise ship. Start your honeymoon a little early and see Alaska from the sea. Depending on the cruise you choose you’ll also visit other ports and get to explore. Cruise ships sail to Haines from Mid May to the first week of October.

Some cruises that dock in Haines include Un-Cruise, Royal Caribbean, and National Geographic Expeditions.

Alternatively, you could take a cruise that stops in Skagway and make the short hour ferry over to Haines.

Want more info? Read all about traveling to Haines here!

What To Do On Your Elopement Day

Haines offers some pretty rad hikes, overlooks, and adventures. Here are just a few ideas for your elopement day! Whether you want to sightsee from a kayak or from a trail (or both!) Haines gives you plenty of options:

  • Hike through the coastal, mossy forest that overlooks the Chilkat and have a picnic on the beach 
  • Grab sea kayaks and explore the inlets 
  • Rent a canoe or kayak and float on Chilkoot lake
  • Charter a float plane for scenic views of Glacier Bay National Park + land on a glacier
  • Grab a reel and go fly fishing or fish for salmon
  • Take a scenic float down the Chilkat river and look for bald eagles
  • ATV up a mountain for wild views
  • Go on a guided multi-day kayaking trip to full explore the sound
  • Visit the Hammer Museum and/or visit the American Bald Eagle Foundation Museum 
  • Head to the Haines Brewery or Port Chilkoot Distillery for a celebratory drink
Ready to Elope in Haines?

I can’t wait to help you plan your adventurous wedding day. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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