Crafting Your Elopement Timeline

Dream Bigger For Your Day

Why Do You Need An Elopement Timeline?

Having a timeline can help you better envision everything you want out of your elopement. Your timeline should include the things you want to do the most, a main location to two that you want to adventure in, and plenty of time to take it all in.

Your day may look like an alpine start hike into the mountains. Your sunrise first look is followed by a ceremony as the alpenglow grows behind you. You explore around a lake after your ceremony and read letters from family and friends. After coffee and breakfast, you take a break so that we can adventure at sunset later in the day.

Your day can also look like a slow morning where the two of you get ready at your airbnb. You go for a hike and say private vows. Later you meet up with family and go on a Jeep tour among epic sandstone sculptures. You end the day with dinner, seated on the red sand, and dance until the sun goes down.

There are many ways to elope. I’m here to help you dream bigger.

Ask Yourself – What Is Important To You On Your Day?

The biggest thing you can do to help yourself when planning your elopement is decide what is most important for you to do on your day. Is it going for a hike with epic views or would you rather go by Jeep? Is it trying a new adventure like canyoneering or a helicopter ride? Is it spending time with loved ones or do you want a separate adventure and time for just the two of ya? Is it having a delicious dinner or would you prefer to see the sunset?

Asking yourself questions like these can help you narrow down what it is you want to do most and help you make that the priority.

What Can You Do With Your Day?

There are a lot of elements that can make up your elopement day. Here are a few to give you inspiration!

  • Get ready together
  • Have a first look
  • Have a ceremony
    • Include a unity ritual
    • Burn sage
    • Include religious rituals
  • Say your vows privately apart from the ceremony
  • Go on an adventure you both love or try something new!
  • Include time with guests
    • Have guests be part of the ceremony
    • Go for a hike or other adventure with your guests
    • Have a nice lunch or dinner with guests
  • Include loved ones when you elope just to two of you
    • Have friends and family write you letters
    • Video chat with loved ones
    • Have loved ones make a celebration video to watch

Keep it Simple and Flexible

Crowding your day with a bunch of activities and adventures will make it go by in a flash. Keep your day simple. Do just a few things that you love. Give yourself time to enjoy it, and be flexible about it. Things may get delayed, drive times take longer than expected, or weather causes an unexpected break. Embrace it. Imagine the stories you are going to tell!

When to Adventure: Sunrise, Midday, and Sunset

Be sure to factor in the time of day in which you want to be photographed. Do you prefer watching the sunset or do you love getting up for sunrise? Do you want to have more privacy in the morning for vows or do you want to sleep in and have a slow morning?

Choosing one and then basing the rest of your day around your choice is a great place to start. Unless you are eloping in summer in Alaska – you may not see the sun set!

Expert Advice: Give Yourself Time To Take It All In

The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to slow down and take it all in. Who cares if you hike a mile an hour. Your wedding day should be felt fully. Don’t rush it, or it will go by way too quickly. Memories are best made when we give ourselves time!

Timeline Examples

Here are two different timeline examples to get a feel for how your elopement day could go!

Intimate Wedding in Moab

5:00am: Hair and makeup arrives. You get ready to get married!

7:00am: Head into Arches National Park. Have a sunrise ceremony for privacy. Explore the park with your guests + get epic photos.

10:00am: Break for breakfast.

Take a nap or go for a hike. Pick up your Jeep and meet back up for sunset.

3:00pm: Jeep out to an epic overlook just the two of you. Take in the views, watch the sunset, and enjoy some champagne.

7:30pm: Head back into town for a pizza dinner to celebrate with your guests.

Adventure Elopement in Alaska

12:00pm: Start getting ready together for your elopement after a morning hike in the mountains.

2:00pm: Meet up at Outbound Heli for your helicopter adventure. Fly out to the Knik Glacier and hike around.

4:00pm: Fly over to an iceberg lake. Have a private ceremony. Go paddle boarding + pop champagne to celebrate.

6:00pm: Explore in the nearby mountains before flying out. Soak in all the scenery from above.

7:00pm: Have beer and burgers at the Palmer Alehouse!

Ready to Plan Your Elopement?

I can’t wait to help you with your adventurous wedding day. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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