Why I Shoot Film On Your Elopement Day

I love the nostalgia that film brings. It reminds me of flipping through a family photo album and seeing your history. Photos of you when you were little, photos from your parents wedding, your grandparents wedding, photos passed down for generations of people who have become memories.

Whether you pass your own photos down to your family, or you just curl up on the couch together to relieve you day – photos are important for bringing us back to those moments and making the memories more clear. For me, film adds to this even more.

That’s why I opt to include at least one roll of film in your day. Shot on multiple cameras, you can find me with an old film camera my dad gave me or the camera I got in college when I learned to work in a dark room.

The imperfect, grainy, and beautifully toned film photos may become some of your favorite from your day. They capture you just as you were. Nothing more, nothing less.

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