Crater Lake Vow Renewal

Get Inspired in Crater Lake National Park

crater lake vow renewal

Sunrise Vow Renewal

Amanda and David began their day well before the sun had risen. We hiked up to an overlook where they helped one another get ready before taking in the sunrise.

Our breath was quickly taken from our lungs. The sweeping landscape before us was absolutely captivating. Dark water reflected a brightening sky as the sun came calling. Jagged rocks were broken by the softness of rolling clouds. It was still. The wind tugged gently at hair and clothing as it caused us to shiver once more. Maybe it was excitement. Excitement to be in the presence of such wonder. Excitement to be in the presence of such love and belonging. 

Once the colors started to fade from the sky we hiked back down the steep mountain to go explore around the rim. We took our time to gaze out at the lake before it was time for some much needed coffee and breakfast.

After fueling up we hiked out to a hot spring for some peace and solace. It was beautiful, relaxing, and very true to the couple. The two absolutely love hot springs and find them wherever they go. It was only right that we incorporated some of their passions into a day full of adventure.

Wanna have a Crater Lake vow renewal or elopement?

I can’t wait to help you plan your adventurous wedding day. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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