Bryce Canyon Elopement Adventure

A Bryce Canyon National Park Elopement

Love in Bryce Canyon

Nelly and Cameron met in a dimly lit parking garage. That isn’t the typical start to a love story, but the love these two have is far from average. Cameron had on a Switzerland shirt, the country Nelly is from, which gave him some bonus points as he asked Nelly out – again in a parking garage. That’s pretty dang brave, but when your heart knows you trust it. 

They’ve braved long distance while living in different countries. They’ve navigated the blending of families from two different cultures. They are truly inspiring.

Getting Ready + Adventure

We started the day getting ready in a cute farm house not far from the park. Lexi did a beautiful job with Nelly’s hair and makeup while Cameron got ready in another room. We coordinated driving to the park separately so the two could have a first look. After that we hiked into the hoodoos to explore before their ceremony.

Ceremony among the Hoodoos

Their ceremony had us all in tears with the occasional break of laughter. Cameron is quite the comedian, and Nelly has a great sense of humor. Thomas of Outland Officiant was delightful. He brought them together beautifully as the sun came in and out of the clouds, casting shadows on the hoodoos behind us.

Sunset Celebration

Bryce Canyon is one of their favorite places, so it felt right to marry them here. Among the hoodoos with a handful of family and friends. It was truly beautiful.

Their group of close family and friends took me in like one of their own. They were all great big smiles and lots of laughter. Folks traveled far to see these two wed in such a unique place. Bringing people together in nature is what eloping is all about. I’m grateful we could make that happen for these two people who are so full of joy.

Wanna have a Bryce Canyon elopement?

I can’t wait to help you plan your adventurous wedding day. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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