Choosing the Best Wedding Dress for Adventure

What to wear for your adventure elopement

What to Look for in an Elopement Dress

You’ve decided you want to elope and your journey to finding the elopement attire that feels right for YOU has begun. Get stoked! Finding that perfect elopement dress comes down to a few things. Keep on reading to learn how to find the dress that’s best for you.

My biggest tips on what to look for:

  • Something you feel badass in
  • A comfortable fit
  • Easy to move around in

Types of Dresses

There are a lot of different types of dress styles out there. Which ones to look at really depend on your adventure. Are you hiking out in your dress? You’re gonna need a good range of motion like an A-line dress. Are you changing in the wild or have a sweet ride to get around in? You may be able to get away with a tighter fit like a mermaid dress.

Here are my recommendations on the best dress fit for more movement:

  • A-line dress
  • Two piece dress
  • A ball gown
  • Boho dress 
  • A mermaid that flares/is stretchy

Tip tip! Bring along a flowy skirt you can put over a sleeker dress to mix up your look between chic and boho. Us photographers love a flowy dress to play around with!

Dress Material and Weather

Different dress materials can also add to your experience. For warmer weather try thule, chiffon, or organza to stay nice and cool. Many of these materials also allow for a lot of movements which make for unique photos! Lace dresses can also be really incredible to work with. 

For cold or winter elopement a dress with sleeves, a nice coat, velvet material, or something that can accommodate leggings underneath is a must! 

Keep in mind a glacier elopement can range in temp but are not always super cold- you may want a lighter dress with the option to have a coat or leggings.

Ways to Test the Fit

Having a dress that can flow with you and allows for easy movement is a must! Test out sitting down in your dress. Is that comfy? Do some high knees and squat down. This sounds silly – but it can really give you an idea of the feel of your dress while on an adventure.

How to Hike in Your Dress

If you are down to take your dress on an adventure you can totally hike in it. Sometimes you may need to scoop up your dress and hold it in your hand or over your arm. Your partner can also help you navigate!

Some folks opt to hike out their dress and change at the destination. This can be achieved by hanging your dress off your pack in a garment bag, or rolling it up in your hiking pack.

Traveling with Your Dress

If you are flying to your destination I highly recommend checking your dress in a garment bag for the flight. Your plane may even have a closet on board – definitely ask a flight attendant or call ahead!

Where to Shop for Your Dress

Whether you buy online or go into a local dress shop, here are some options you can look into based on your price point!

Budget-friendly Dresses:

Mid-range Priced Dresses:

Designer Dresses:

Suits – Don’t wanna go the dress route? See my blog here about elopement suits! (coming soon!)

Other Accessories

  • A veil to add some drama – long or short we love them all
  • A cape so you can feel like a true queen
  • Jewelry to add to your look – you can even go for a crown
  • Good hiking boots for the adventure you’ve chosen
  • A hat that matches you + your adventure
  • A suitable jacket for the weather
Ready for Your Adventure Elopement?

I can’t wait to help you plan your adventurous wedding day. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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