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Suiting up for your elopement

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What to Look for in the Best Elopement Suit

Get stoked you’re planning your epic elopement adventure and it’s time to get your attire! Finding a suit that feels right for YOU, is comfortable to wear, and moves well with you is super important for having a good time. Read on to learn about what suit may be right for you!

Material and Weather

Suit material can go a long way with temperature control. They make nice cooling button ups in case you are going to be hiking in your suit or expect to see some sun. Cotton or wool suits are most comfortable for hiking. If you know you are going to be warm on your day go with a linen suit for extra breathability. You could also ditch the jacket and go with a vest or button up + suspenders!

A tweed or velvet suit can keep you nice and warm in the winter months. Some base layers can also help to keep you nice and toasty!

PS- we love a fun colored suit. You can use color to pop out of the landscape or blend well with it depending on your vibe.

Testing the Fit

Don’t be afraid to do some high knees or squats to make sure you can move around in your pants. Sit and stand up. Imagine what you will be doing on your day and see how the suit feels. You want a good fit – but you also want to be ready for the adventure ahead!

How to Hike in Your Suit

If you want to hike in your suit I would definitely try on pants with that in mind. Find something that can move with you, material that is stretchyyyy. No one wants to rip their pants on their elopement day!

Alternatively you can pack out your suit, hike in some comfy clothes, and then change out in the landscape.

Traveling with Your Suit

If you are flying to your destination I highly recommend carrying on your suit in a garment bag for the flight. Your plane may even have a closet on board – definitely ask a flight attendant or call ahead!

Brands You Should Work With

Indochino– A great company for colored suits with a big selection.

Bonobos– Great selections at a killer price.

Men’s Wearhouse– Lots of options and you likely have one nearby to try suits on in person!

Rent a suit or find one at a thrift shop!

Little Black Tux– The go to shop for suits for women!

Bindle & Keep– Gender neutral suits that are custom made to you.

Dresses– Would you rather go the dress route? Check out my blog on elopement dresses!

Other Accessories

  • A bow tie or bolo tie – no one said you have to wear a tie on your elopement day!
  • A boutonniere to add a pop of color!
  • Suspenders – ditch the tie and suit jacket and go for some sexy suspenders
  • Jewelry, your fave watch, or a pocket square to add to your look
  • Good hiking boots for your day
  • A hat that matches you + your adventure
Ready to Elope?

I can’t wait to help you plan your adventurous wedding day. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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