What About A

Backcountry Ski Elopement

Imagine earning your turns before saying your vows in the snowy mountains

Now you might be thinking “This sounds rad but where do we even start???”

I’ll be with you every step of the way to make this dream happen!

I’m more than just your photographer. I’m your elopement expert! From helping you integrate these adventures into your day, to finding you that perfect location, to helping you with the travel logistics, dream team vendors, your marriage license, and so much more – I help you create the experience you deserve and empower you do do YOU.

I’ve been backcountry skiing for three years now. Chances are you’ve been doing it for a few years, absolutely love it, and want to incorporate it further into your love story.

Together we will find the best location for you whether we need time to watch the forecast and avy danger or get blessed with a blue bird day.

Together we will create your wedding day experience where you will feel connected to one another and the landscape. Yeah, it’s gonna be epic!

I’m Halie – Your adventure elopement photographer

!!! is my seasonal backyard and I can’t wait to share it with you! Not only do I know the best spots to elope, but I’ll be there with ya every step of the way to ensure we create the experience you deserve.

Why go backcountry skiing on your wedding day?

You both love going out together

You want a memorable wedding day

You’re adventurous at heart and want YOUR day to reflect that

There’s a line you would look really cool on while in a dress

Where should we elope to backcountry ski?


Heli out to a ski lodge or snow camp in Hatcher’s Pass. Alaska is full of memories to be made and can double as a honeymoon/ski trip destination!

The Wasatch

Utah is where I learned to Ski. Pair backcountry skiing with some resort days to chase some pow for your honeymoon adventure!