Alaska Honeymoon Ideas

Eloping in Alaska

Honeymoon Ideas!

If you are choosing to elope in Alaska, I hope you turn your trip into a honeymoon vacation as well! Whether you are staying for just the weekend or a whole month, a trip to Alaska is amazing. Here are some ideas for your honeymoon!

Road Trips

Roadtripping is a great way to visit a bunch of iconic spots in Alaska. Whether you rent a car, or take the train, you are gonna have an epic adventure! Here are some road trip ideas depending on how long you are staying in the state that maximize taking it all in at locations.

1 Week(ish) Itineraries

Fly into Anchorage -> Palmer -> Talkeetnah -> Denali -> Fly out of Fairbanks

Fly into Anchorage -> Girdwood -> Seward -> Homer -> Fly out of Anchorage

Fly into Anchorage -> Palmer -> Glacier View -> Valdez -> Fly out of Anchorage

2 Week(ish) Itineraries See the whole state!

Fly into Anchorage -> Girdwood -> Seward -> Palmer -> Talkeetnah -> Denali -> Fly out of Anchorage or Fairbanks

Have more time? Add in going from Denali -> Fairbanks -> Valdes -> Glacier View -> Fly out of Anchorage

I’ll help inspire you with adventures you can have at each location and give you recommendations on where you can stay!


Seeing Alaska from the ocean and traveling port to port is a really rad way to see the landscape. Combine whale watching and glacier viewing with a unique wedding day in Southcentral Alaska and sea a ton of the state!

There are two main cruise routes you can opt to take to get to (or from) Alaska, an Inside Passage Cruise or a Gulf of Alaska Cruise.

Inside Passage Cruises typically leave from Seattle or Vancouver and go north along the Alaska Coast. You’ll visit the iconic Glacier Bay and can go to ports such as Ketchikan, Juneau, Icy Strait Point, Petersberg, Haines, Skagway, or Sitka. Depending on your route you can choose one of the ports to be your elopement destination! Each has their own beautiful landscapes and unique adventures. I can help ya choose what is right for you.

Another cruise option would be to sail from Seward which would pair with  a flight to Anchorage and wedding day in Southcentral Alaska. These cruises are similar to the Inside Passage, but includes the port town of Seward which is just three hours South of Anchorage. These week long cruises can take you from Seward to Vancouver. You’ll get to see the Inside Passage while also enjoying the entirety of Glacier Bay National Park as seen from the ocean.

Popular cruise lines for either of these trips can be found here!

See the National Parks

Alaska has 8 National Parks to choose from. Some you can drive to, some you’ll want to boat to, and others you’ll want to fly in to experience them. Denali is by far the most popular of these parks for viewing it’s namesake, but you shouldn’t overlook some of these other incredible parks. Heck you could check them all off with a few weeks and a lot of coordinating!

Here are the parks you can visit:

  • Denali National Park
  • Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Wrangell – St. Elias National Park
  • Glacier Bay National Park
  • Katmai National Park
  • Lake Clark National Park
  • Gates of the Arctic National Park
  • Kobuk Valley National Park

Get into the Backcountry

Alaska is well known for having acres and acres of wilderness. Traveling by road only allows you to see a small part of the state. Flying is a great way to get around and see more! Opt to honeymoon at a backcountry lodge such as Ultima Thule, Shearwater Cove, or Denali Backcountry Lodge. There’s more places to go depending on the adventure you want to have. These lodges combine a luxury stay with private adventures – a great way to kick off your marriage!

Ready to Elope in Alaska?

I can’t wait to help you plan your adventurous wedding day. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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