Alaska Helicopter Elopement

Two day celebration in Alaska

Helicopter Adventure + Glacier Ceremony

Brianna + Parker chose to elope during their trip to Alaska. Once we talked about helicoptering out to a glacier, and doing a polar plunge, they were stoked! The adventure we got to go on with Outbound Heli was more memorable than we could have imagined.

It rained the entire time, but the couple took the weather in stride. We were soaked by the end, but it was well worth it. The couples go with the flow attitude, excitement for the day, and awe over the landscapes led to a really amazing experience for us all.

I loved watching them stare out into the expanse of these places. The Alaska Factor hit us hard as we cruised below 6,000 feet peaks and stared up at and out across hundreds of feet of ice. We visited an epic ice wall at the toe of a glacier, walked along glacially carved rock at the edge of a lake, visited icebergs, and hiked on a glacier.

I loved seeing how in love these two are. How P would keep the handwarmers toasty in his pockets. How B grabbed just a few of his fingers as they explored the unique locations. You could feel that love during their ceremony. There was a lot of laughter and sweet smiles. After their first kiss they just beamed at one another.

After the ceremony P did a polar plunge in the pouring rain – which was badass. Jokes about cold feet aside, that polar plunge will leave you feeling invigorated. Very grateful the helicopters have heating!

We saw mountain goats and moose on the flight back. Shoutout to out pilot Shelby for taking us to explore and for officiating!

It was an epic adventure and a very fitting way to be wed in Alaska.

Day 2 at Hatcher Pass

For day two of Brianna + Parker’s elopement we explored a historic mine up in the Alaskan mountains.

We learned about the history of a gold mine and explored the structures. We wondered what it had been like to live up there with little amenities and such beautiful views – especially during the winter.

We got snowed on – which was wild! – and watched the surrounding mountains come in and out of view as the clouds flowed on.

We even hiked around an alpine lake before the two took off down the dirt road in search of more adventure on their way to Denali + Fairbanks (they got to see the Northern Lights which was a huge goal of theirs!)! What a rad way to start off your honeymoon!!!

Adventure-Inclusive Helicopter Packages

Looking to have a helicopter elopement of your own? I work with my favorite tour companies to bring you a wedding day you’ll never forget! I suggest locations, book your tour, and even work with your guide if you wanna go paddle boarding or ice climbing. You can learn more about my adventure-inclusive elopement packages here!

Wanna have a helicopter elopement?

I can’t wait to help you plan your adventurous wedding day. Let’s take your love on a wild adventure!

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